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About Broke Fordwich

Stories of the Valley

An historic wine region in an ancient landscape, this Valley was home to the Wannaruah People of the ‘hills and plains and we pay respect to elders past and present.

Mlilennia before that, this area was an ancient seabed and the landscape has been weathered over time to form the mountain ranges, valleys and waterways of the present. Take the journey today and be transported through colonial history along the original convict road to the village of Broke. Dairy farms and pastoral pursuits coexisted with some of the Hunter Valley’s oldest plantings of vineyards. Today the landscape is largely an exciting wine and food tourism region.

These are some of the traditional Stories of the Valley but there are many new ones waiting to be created.


Whether you are planning a weekend, romantic getaway, seeking something memorable to mark an occasion, or simply want to connect with family and friends, you will experience something different in Broke Fordwich. The ideal getaway.

Create your own story.